Meet Betty

Thank you for viewing my blog.  Let me introduce myself.

I am a wife of 37 years, a mother of two daughters and the grandmother of one adorable little girl.  My journey to a natural silver fox has been varied and interesting. I’ve worked a variety of occupations and am currently semi-retired.  I love the life I live and look forward to years of happiness, as I am so at peace now that I have accepted who I am and love being just my natural self.


My hair journey…

I’m a product of the 50s and 60s when “good hair” was to be envied.  I started on the perms early in my life because I was always jealous of the light-skineed girls with “good hair”.  They had the long braids, the hair that blew in the wind, the hair that never hurt to be combed.  And, of course, they were always the most popular. If you are from that generation, then you understand.  My dates with the perm box started really early, after many years under the hot comb, nursing the heat and burns.  Actually I just traded the heat burn with the chemical burn.   Sigh.  But I just knew that once the lye “lie” was put into my hair, then I, too, would have the long, flowing, shiny, water-proof hair that  blew in the wind and hung down my back.  NOT!  Instead, my hair became more brittle, broke off to nubs and was “growth resistant”.

As I grew up, I discovered…..the Leisure Curl.  This was not too bad.  At least it allowed my hair to growth to about shoulder length, probably because of all the moisture. (didn’t understand that at the time)  The one drawback was that I could only keep the length if I kept the perm.   So, may I say, there was a little “lack of versatility”.  Well, I didn’t have to fret because I allowed someone to touch me up one day.  She over-processed my hair and it fell out in gigantic clumps of soft black beauty.  Was I pissed?   Well, let’s say that was an understatement.  But it was actually a blessing in disguise because I cut it all off to a TWA, even though didn’t know that term at the time.  From that point on, my hair routine was a breeze.  Kept it short and if it got long enough to comb, I cut it off again.   Life was bliss when all I had to do was get up in the morning, brush and go.  Yea, I was liking this.

Over time, I grew tired of this and decided that maybe my “boy cut” was a little too masculine.   And besides, I was, by now, showing the beginnings of grey hair.  So, in come the wigs and scarves.  Now the scarves were okay and I still like to rock them, but with the wigs, I began to feel that I was not authentic, that I was not me, not showing who I really am.  And besides, talk about heat in the summer…..whew!

So quite by accident in October/November of 2012 I stumbled across a website that blew me away.  I stumbled upon Longhairforum.   I could not believe the black women that I saw there with long, flowing, waist-length hair.  Some were natural and some were permed, but they had length like you wouldn’t believe.  Did I tell you that I always wanted long hair?  Research led me from one site to another and my natural journey of the silver fox had begun.  At this point, not only was I ready to accept my texture, I was also ready to embrace my color… more creamy crack and no white roots for me.  I was natural all the way and so free.

So, Why Did I Become a Vlogger/Blogger?

Have you ever felt that being grey/gray or being a natural grey mature woman has somewhat a negative vibe to it?  Have you ever felt that being gray just automatically casts you off as old?  Does that mean that we can’t be fashionable?  Does it mean that we can’t be fun, fabulous and foxy?  I think not.  You know, as I searched the YouTube to find silver foxes that were all of the above, I found only one who dared to embrace her silvers……only one and she became my inspiration.   She is: essentials4you.  I just love to follow her soft, natural style.  She is so inviting to listen to.  She became my YouTube mentor, whether she knew it or not.  But as I searched and searched, I only found young women.  Women who rocked their styles, their tutorials, their braids, bantu knots, twist outs….their whatever.  I found no silver foxes who were willing to put themselves on the line and “do their own thing”.  Oh yea, I found a lot who kept their hair dyed in an effort to keep their youth.  But what most of them looked like were mature women trying to look young.  Now, I’m not going to knock anyone who wants to prolong “getting old”.  I do the same thing.  But as I mature, I find that I do not want to fight the inevitable.  I don’t want to spend my time frustrated and trying to keep up with the white roots.  I choose to spend this time I have left loving me, loving the natural me with the freedom to be me.

As I began to post videos and get feedback, I found that there were women out there who wanted the same thing, but were afraid to “step out” as it were. They wanted to come out from under the dyes, the perms and just be themselves and loving it.  So I decided I’m going for it, I’m jumping in, both feet and having fun with my celebration and hope I can take some others with me.

What will I share on this blog?

  • Recipes For Good Hair Care
  • Product Reviews and How They Worked on My Hair
  • Fashion Trends
  • Videos
  • Snips of My Family and My Life
  • Other Randomness.
  • Book Reviews

Come along with me.  Enjoy the ride. Have fun.  Share your thoughts, pictures and life with me.

Love to have you along.

And the story goes on……

Now, I’m the woman who loves to do research and that led me to YouTube searching for beautiful silver foxes.  Needless to say, there were very few.  I found one brave woman who was vlogging about her natural grey hair, fell in love with her free spirit and her look and decided that the world needed to know this silver fox.   Thus was born the name: Foxy Silver Gal and I started blogging and vlogging. The rest is history.  I found that there are a lot of women out there who are still hiding and longing to be free to be themselves but are so afraid of what people will think.  This is a forum and a safe place for them to make the transition.

Who said women with grey hair can’t be sophisticated, beautiful, cultured, stylish, trendy, full of wisdom and happy with themselves.

So enjoy, look around, share your thoughts and follow me as I continue my odyssey of embracing the natural me.




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