My Final Verdict on Deva Curl Curly Girl and 4C Grey/Gray Hair!


Curly girl does not work for me………period!!!!

I am not knocking the products.  I like them and I think they are good.  Heck, I even got to liking the fragrance.  I especially like the “Heaven in Hair” conditioner..  If anything will give me a little curl on the ends, that will.

However, my texture does not do the all-over curly look……bottom line. I am a crinkly, fine-textured, cottony, kinky grey headed lady. I do not have curls.

So, what have I been doing lately, apart from ignoring my hair?  I’ve actually started to like twist outs…..Yes, you got it,…..twist outs!!!!!  Something I never liked in the past.

But now my hair is a little longer and they work.  Have gotten a lot of complements recently, especially when I bantu the ends (then I get a fluffy curled look)

And when I’m not twisting, I’m either braiding or trying to learn to two-strand twist in an undo. Quite frankly,  I think this is a rather sophisticated look.

Sooooo now, the question is……are you going to start doing your videos and show us the new you?  Well, since my first year youtube anniversary is this month……yes, a new video is on the horizon.

Yes, the Silver Fox is on the mend and on the way back.


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