How to Steam in Your Deep Conditioner When You Can’t Afford a Hair Steamer

It’s a known fact that heat causes our hair cuticles to open up and allow conditioners, oils and all the delicious nourishment that our hair needs to penetrate the hair shaft.  The ultimate result that we aim for is soft, manageable, silky, healthy hair. Yea, even us coily, kinky girls can get softer hair.

Many people use hair steamers and swear by them.  One day, one day.  But many can’t afford them or do not want to make the investment.  So what is the alternative? I use a method that I call, my Pauper’s, or my Poor Woman’s Hair Steamer.  The video below shows you how I do it.  Now, of course, there are varying methods and you do what works for you.  But for me, this is working, it’s inexpensive and I get the results I’m looking for.  Before you knock it, why not give it a try and let me know what you think.




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