6 Ways to Help Your Hair Grow..Ziggy Style


So, I’ve told you about my journey, my frustrations, my joy, my experience with my hair.   The one thing that I didn’t say, I don’t think, was that I always wanted long hair and never had it.  The closest I  ever came was about shoulder length during the time that I had a Leisure Curl.  The bad thing about that was…the only way I get to keep all that hair was to keep the Leisure  Curl.  No versatility like with the natural stuff.  Nothing.  It was Leisure or die. No in between.  That all came to a crashing end when, one day, a friend of mine gave me a re-touch, left it in too long and all my hair came out.  I took it to her in a bag to show her what happened. For the good that did….LOL

But, you know what?  That was a blessing in disguise, for from that day on I lived in and out with TWA’s.  They were so easy to take care of.  Once Ziggy grew long enough that I had to comb her, out came the scissors and chop, chop,   she was gone.  You see, I went from Leisure to L-A-Z-Y about my hair.  Anywho, there still was this burning desire from early childhood to have long hair.

One day recently I looked at my life and realized that most of the living was behind me.  If I was going to experience long hair before I die, then I’d better get cracking.  Truth be told, my husband and I are planning to retire to Ecuador  in a couple of years and there is no creamy crack to be found at 8000 ft elevation of the Andes Mountains.  Ya think?  But I could see me now, gringa negra walking down the streets of Cuenca with my long, grey braids down my back and my panama hat planted firmly atop my head.  Aw, the life.


So, how do we get there?  What’s a girl to do to get long hair? We join a hair growth contest on Youtube.  Yep, that’s the way to do it. (aha, aha, aha)  So this contest began on December 21, 2012 and lasts until June 21, 2013.  We were not told the prize.  So I have no idea what  I may gain, other than my 3  inches of new length.  (considering the average hair growth rate is 1/2 inch per month)

Have fun with me and check out the starting video below:


A month passes, it’s January 21, 2013, time for the 2nd length check.  Oh how I anticipate my .5 inch of growth.  Because, after all, I’d been faithfully taking my Mineral Rich supplements, washing, conditioning, oiling, sealing,  and braiding Ziggy into protective styles and head covering.  Surely, oh surely I would see the tape measure roll out my new growth.

Here’s the video from the 2nd length check.

But, alas, not happening.  In some areas I got no growth, in other areas, I got about .25 inch and the longest was the bang, where I did get my .5 inch.  Was I disappointed?  Heck yea I was!  But is this stopping me?  No way, Jose! (practice for our move to Ecuador.  Note the Spanish…….Jose…get it?) Anywho, I digress.   The determined monster in me just decided, I’ll change my strategy.  So, I made the following changes for the new month.

  1. I drink more green smoothies,
  2. I eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. I take more supplements….added MSM for my joints, but also good for hair (along with my regular multivitamin)
  4. I drink more water…..32oz minimum with a goal of 150 oz a day.
  5. I get more exercise…working on that one.  Going back to the gym.  This is tough for me because of my knees.  But they do have bikes.
  6. Oh yes, I oiled bagged my ends.  This will stay in place for the month (believe it or not)


Now, you’ll notice that I didn’t know what I was doing in the first video and was drastically off in my measurements. It was my first video and I was rushed to get it posted.  One thing one must not do  is rush a Silver Fox.  That’s dangerous business.   (I didn’t think my length was 6 inches on the right, or was it the left, side.  Anywho.   I’m posting the corrected measurements below.  These will serve to be my starting point


Rear:              4″

Bang:             4.5″

Crown:          4.5″

L Front:         4.5″

L Rear:           4″

R Front:         4.25″

R Rear:           4.25″

I’m inviting you to join me.  Follow Ziggy’s progress. Watch Ziggy grow.

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2 thoughts on “6 Ways to Help Your Hair Grow..Ziggy Style

  1. You look cute with short hair also. Ziggy is looking good. I love your new design. I notice you are now gray and have the other picture with the darker hair. I think it is cool to show the contrast. Love this.

  2. Thanks, but I gotta figure out how to remove the picture with the dark hair.
    Got it in there somehow, but now can’t find the mechanism to remove it.
    Can you read the wording okay? Not allowed to change the font with the basic template that I’m using.

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