And Who Said Grey/Gray Hair Can’t Be Foxy and Fierce?



What is it about getting grey/gray that terrifies us?  We look in the mirror and spot a strain or two.  Our first words are:  Oh my gosh, I’m getting grey/gray.   SO!

Did you know it is inevitable?  Did you know it’s going to happen no matter what you put on your head to try to hide it? Did you know that you can embrace it, love it and still be FOXY FIERCE with it?  Is it really just that the greys/grays are encroaching?  Just what is it that causes us to run to the nearest drugstore/beauty salon for that all-so-youthful bottle of dye, henna or whatever will stop the process.  (I might add, you don’t stop it, you just hide that somehow makes you feel better).

So herein lies the secret……you feel better.  Yes! Yes!  That’s it! It’s a mindset.  With the onset of grey/gray, we somehow feel that life has passed us by. What about all those things we wanted to do as a teen (i.e….when we grow up)  that we didn’t do.  So we see the onset of grey/gray and suddenly we feel the decline in the ability to accomplish our goals.  You FEEL that youth has passed you by.

Or….we suddenly don’t feel so attractive as we did before.  Again, a mindset.  What’s wrong with putting on some makeup?  What’s wrong with rocking the latest body-appropriate fashion? What’s wrong with “doing” your hair, keeping it healthy, trimmed, conditioned, styled?  What’s wrong with keeping up with exercise and healthy eating?  Does “going grey/gray” suddenly stop all those things?   Then, no wonder you  fear/hate the intrusion of those little white things in your halo.  It’s a mindset.486916_522330794453919_1759774293_n

Ah yes, I had my period of those same feelings.  Yet, I didn’t use the bottle to cover it up (only because my Ziggy was resistant to dyes); but I did the next best thing…….I wigged out.  Yes, I covered it up literally.  Did you know that those things are hotter than Death Valley  in the summer.? But, alas, as they continued on their merry way of taking over my head, the more I decided that I have too much living to do than to waste time worrying about keeping my great/grays  from showing.  I decided to embrace it, along with my natural texture.

Does it mean that my world came to an end?  Absolutely not.  I have more fun and freedom now than ever before.  I’m not a slave to trying to cover the strains, unless I just want to rock a beanie or occasional wig for style. I love taken care of my silver and keeping it shiny. I love that I can equate the existence of my silvers to years of successful living, wisdom, experience and knowledge.  I love that my silvers sparkle in the light.  I love that I can sport the brightest of hair candy and my silvers are the perfect backdrop to their beauty.

I love that I have embraced my silvers because you see………. I am a FOXY SILVER GAL.




One thought on “And Who Said Grey/Gray Hair Can’t Be Foxy and Fierce?

  1. I absolutely agree. Gray is where it’s at. It’s not for everyone; but there is nothing like getting up and going. I also like that I don’t have to worry about gray roots, pencils and dyes. It’s so liberating. I feel good. Thank you for your post. What a beautiful website.

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