3 Things Avocado and Egg Can Do For Your Hair.

My Avocado/Egg  Deep Conditioner Experience

English: Three yolks from two chicken eggs; on...

English: Three yolks from two chicken eggs; one of these eggs was double-yoked. The two smaller yolks are from the same egg, and both eggs were the same size and from the same carton. It’s a bit fuzzy, it was all I could to take a picture of this before my camera died. I couldn’t even preview it. Deal with it world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I found this recipe at www.yournaturalhair.com.  Deborah is a writer that I follow on Facebook, where else, who has a lot of good ideas, especially DIY recipes for your hair.   She concocts  a lot of them herself.

Anywho,  she talks, and talks, and talks about avocado all the time; about how good it is for everything, I mean everything, under the sun.  Not only is it a good conditioner for your hair; it can also be a butter, a cream and, yes, an aphrodisiac.   Go figure.  An aphrodisiac.    Let’s just say, I won’t venture to try to imagine that one.  Hahaha!

I’m in this hair growth challenge and getting ready to soak Ziggy in oil and plastic wrap for the next month.   Rule #1:  Thou must not put away a dirty head, floating with bacteria and reeking in sweat.  Even if it is in the middle of winter.  So, for the second time in two days.  Yes, I did  the whole routine just a couple of days ago.   I guess I’m officially a hair fanatic.   Anywho, I digress.   What was I saying now?   Oh yes, avocado.   So I made this mixture:

1 very ripe avocado)

4oz coconut creme (I used Goya Cream of Coconut)  Yep, the one you mix in Pina Coladas

1 large eye yolk


Avocado (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

1 tbls apple cider vinegar (thank goodness wasn’t drinking it this time)

1 tbls honey

First, I mashed the avocado to try to get all the lumps out.   Yea right!   Then I wiped together the egg yolk and coconut cream and added to the avocado.  Then I added the ACV and the honey.

It still was not creamy enough for me, so I mixed some with my hand blender until it was creamy.

Then I just stood there for a few minutes to decide if I was really going to put this stuff on my head, in my hair.  To me, the smell was a little sickening.  Maybe it was the egg.  So I took a seat, took a deep breath and dived in, or shall I say, slapped it on, messaging into the scalp and smoothing generously onto the hair. (all the while about to gag)  No joke.   Actually, you get used to it.

So, once I got that on,  I wrapped my head in my paupers steamer..http://foxysilvergal.com/category/hairs-the-way/hair-recipes/, and left it on for about 2 hours.  There’s a valid reason for that also.  Hubbie was sleep and I couldn’t get into the bedroom.  (that’s another story) So hair, avocado and me made an evening of it.

Well, I could finally get to the shower to rinse. Did that and followed with a co-wash, leave-in, oils and put in plaits.


  1. My hair was soft, but not as soft as I thought it would be.  But it felt really, really strong.   I think I may not need much protein;  and the egg and coconut cream was a little too much.  If you have color in your hair or perm, then this might be what you need.
  2. It was very easy to detangle.   I usually lose very little hair in my detangle sessions, and this was more minimal than ever.
  3. I retained a ton of moisture.  My plaits  were still wet the next night.  So, I took them loose and braided into flat braids.  Maybe tomorrow they will be dry enough for me to  saran wrap the ends


Let’s just investigate the properties of the ingredients to see why.   Avocado has over 25 vitamins and minerals as well as plant proteins that add shine, elasticity and body to the hair.  The coconut cream helps with the shine.  Everybody knows that eggs give you protein. This strengthens and repairs the hair follicles.  The apple cider vinegar brings the hair back to proper ph balance and seals the cuticles. and finally the honey is a humectant that aids in moisture retention.

So, how often to do this?  Anywhere from 1-3x per week, depending on your hair.  You probably would not need to use the egg each time.  You could use a lighter version,  just the avocado along with your favorite oils.

So there you have it.  Would I do it again?   Absolutely.  I love the DIY mixtures.  I have a beauty supply store right in my fridge and pantry. What do you think?

Check out my experience below:

Please leave your comments and questions.  I would love to hear from you.


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