If You Love It, It Will Grow: by Dr. Phoenyx Austin, M.D…a review

51Q3AAy-QpL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-63,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_So why did I choose to review this book?  Quite simply, reading Dr. Austin’s book was THE BEGINNING of my journey to happy, healthy, long natural hair.  When I saw her photos and “all that hair”, I could not believe that a woman of color could grow hair to such lengths, and in it’s natural state.

To begin her book, she starts out with her hair story. Yes, it began when she was extremely young. Her first relaxers started when she was only five.  She takes us through her hair revolution of perm, weaves, hair envy….you name it and she’s been through it.  Sound familiar.  She finally had a revelation that you must read about in her words.

If You Love It, It Will Grow……

To quote from her book……”Now let me ask you this question:  Do you have trouble growing your hair to the length you want?  If the answer to the above question is yes, I now want to ask yu this question:  Do you love your hair?”

With that, she launches into her explanation of what it means to love your hair and how loving it will help it grow.

She then goes into the basics of hair growth, hair structure, typing, textures (why some grow faster than others), scalp, hair mantle, sebum and a lot more technical things.  Some of you know this and some don’t.  I learned a lot here.  From there, she discusses factors that we all can incorporate into our lives to encourage hair growth.

Chapter 4 discusses the basics of hair damage.  What are some of the things that we do to our hair that cause us so much frustration and contributes to lack of length retention. Some of this was just plain common sense.  But I learned a new phrase: Hygral Fatigue…..learn about that.

In later chapters, she explains the effects of nutrition on hair growth.  She talks about vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, hair products, Ayurvedas, conditioners, oils, emollients, butters….etc  I like that she gives you a very good description of what a lot of these are and how they affect the hair.  For example in chapter 8 on natural emollients, she explains….”coffee bean butter is a rich emollient with a coffee-like aroma and a smooth, buttery consistency.  It is rich in antioxidants, natural sunscreens, and is often used to treat dermatitis and inflammatory skin conditions.”

She goes further to discuss hair breakage and hair loss, trimming, coloring,for the new natural  and much more.

In My Opinion…..

What I like about her book?  I like that she has “take home points” at the end of each chapter.   These leave you with an overview (or review) of the things you just read.

I like that her regimen is very simple.  Her book is not about styles, it’s about good hair care. Period.

I like that she gives you an extensive reference section at the end of her book.

She has been criticized for providing information that can be found elsewhere, but then again, who hasn’t.

Overall.  I do like her book and refer back to favorite chapters often. I think it’s worth the read, especially for the newly natural.  You’ll learn a lot of things that you may not know.

Hope this was helpful.


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